Year-Round Discounts ($35 – $40): Applied 1 Per Cabin Reservation 

  • $35 Wedding Anniversary Discount
  • $40 Honeymoon Discount
  • $35 Active Military Discount
  • $35 Active Firefighters and Police Discount
  • $35 Active Teachers Discount
  • $35 Active Nurses Discount

*Specials are not applicable for weekday or weekend days spanning a holiday. Discounts are applicable for all days.
*Discounts & Specials cannot be combined. We apply the one Discount or Special which provides the greatest savings to you.

Please call us at 580-306-6700 for extended stays of 7 of more days. Also, feel free to call if you have any questions.

Competitive Pricing with No Extra Fees – Saving Up to 15%

Our cabins are competitively priced and we do not have extra added fees!
• No Resort Fees
• No Cleaning Charges on medium and smaller sized cabins (2000 sq. ft and smaller)
• No Pet Fees (most of our cabins are pet friendly)
• No Ancillary Fees
• No Service Fees. These extra fees can add up to 15% to your room charges.
*We charge Sales Tax (6 %) and Tourism Taxes (3.25%) and pay these to the tax entities