Nestled at the base of the picturesque Kiamichi Mountains, Broken Bow boasts captivating beauty. Its landscape is graced by the stunning Beavers Bend Resort Park and the winding Mountain Fork River. The tranquil shores of this area are adorned with majestic Tall Pines and hardwoods that border the crystal-clear waters, creating a serene environment.

For nature enthusiasts, Broken Bow is an idyllic haven, captivating hearts year-round. Immerse yourself in the diverse activities offered by one of Oklahoma’s premier state parks. Cast your line into the Lower Mountain Fork River for a fulfilling fishing experience or navigate its gentle currents by canoe. The vast Broken Bow Lake beckons boating aficionados, while adventurers can explore the scenic David Boren Hiking Trail, acclaimed as one of Oklahoma’s finest.

Whether you’re drawn to tranquil waters, lush trails, or adventurous pursuits, Broken Bow invites you to embrace its natural wonders.

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Beavers Bend can be described as towering timbers, crystal clear waters, and mountainous terrain which forms what is affectionately referred to as Oklahoma’s “Little Smokies.” With a Riverbend area featuring acres of events and recreational programs, these parks are an outdoor lover’s paradise.

Beavers Bend Resort Park and Area Activities – 14,240 Combined Lake Acres (Mountain Fork River & Broken Bow Reservoir) – 3,482 Combined Park Acres – Forest Heritage & Education Center – Naturalist – Amphitheatre – Backpacking — Biking – Nature & Hiking Trails – Boating – Water Skiing – Trout Fishing — Volleyball – Tennis

Riverbend Attractions: Swimming – Beach – Canoeing – Paddle Boating – Bumper Boating – Horseback Riding – Hayrides – Miniature Golf – Restaurant – Grocery – Gift Shop – Train Rides

These jointly administered state parks are perched on the edge of the dammed Mountain Fork River. The dam submerged the town of Hochatown. Hochatown State Park is on the lake above the dam, Beavers Bend Resort is below. Together, they have 3,482 mountainous acres of land and 14,240 lake acres. There is a Nature Center, amphitheater, restaurant, a wealth of watersports, and guided horseback riding available. The fishing is good above and below the dam, with trout streams in Beavers Bend, which are stocked every other week. The longest hiking trail is 26 miles and there are backcountry camps that give hikers a chance to get away from it all. There also are biking trails.

Numerous Park areas located around the lakes give the visitor an unmatched opportunity for outdoor family fun and relaxation. Recreational facilities include boat launching ramps, camping, picnic sites, beaches, water, and sanitary facilities.

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Offering all types of boats including Jet Ski and Pontoon Rentals.

Hiking and Mountain Biking:

For hiking enthusiasts, Beavers Bend State Park offers a variety of trails to explore, catering to different skill levels and preferences. One of the prominent trails is the David Boren Trail, spanning 26 miles in total. Hikers on this trail have the opportunity to observe a diverse range of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, beavers, minks, eastern wild turkeys, foxes, raccoons, and squirrels. The trail winds through different terrains, from the River Bend Area and pine forests to mountainous terrain.

For those seeking shorter hikes, there are three other trails available. The Big Oak Nature Trail is one of them and provides a more manageable distance for seniors, small children, or anyone looking for a less strenuous option. These shorter trails offer a chance to explore the park’s beauty without committing to the longer David Boren Trail.

Mountain bikers and hikers alike can enjoy a network of trails spanning around 5-6 miles in total. The trail system consists of three loops, each progressively longer than the previous one. The trailhead for these loops is located on the west side of the Lake View Lodge’s parking lot. The loops offer a range of distances, from just under half a mile for the smallest loop to over one and a half miles for the medium loop, and up to almost 4 miles for the longest loop. This stacked loop system ensures that both bikers and hikers can choose a trail that matches their desired level of challenge and the amount of time they have available.

Beavers Bend State Park thus offers a diverse array of hiking and biking options, making it a suitable destination for outdoor enthusiasts of various skill levels and interests.

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Cedar Creek Golf Course

18-hole course (72 par). Also: Pro Shop | Golf Carts | Pull Carts
Phone: (580) 494-6456

Cedar Creek Golf Course at Beavers Bend State Park presents a picturesque golfing experience set amidst a serene and pine-filled wilderness. The 18 holes of this golf course were skillfully integrated into the untamed landscape, abutting the McCurtain County Wilderness Area. The design seamlessly integrates the fairways with the surrounding natural environment, creating a harmonious blend of human-made and natural features.

As golfers navigate the course, they’ll find themselves amidst stands of majestic pine, oak, and hickory trees. The fairways wind their way through this lush vegetation, offering a sense of immersion in the wilderness. Wildlife sightings are a common occurrence, with deer, foxes, and wild turkeys often making appearances. Additionally, the fortunate golfer might catch glimpses of Bald Eagles soaring overhead, providing a rare and magnificent sight.

The golf course’s layout takes full advantage of the surrounding beauty, providing players with more than just a golfing experience. Several holes offer scenic views of Broken Bow Lake, adding an extra layer of natural splendor to the game. The course’s design takes into account the natural contours of the land, creating a challenging yet enjoyable playing experience.

Cedar Creek Golf Course is renowned for its distinct features. The narrow fairways and wooded roughs add an element of challenge that requires precision and strategy from golfers. This unique combination of natural beauty and golfing difficulty makes Cedar Creek Golf Course a standout destination for both avid golfers and those seeking to appreciate the outdoors while playing a round of golf.

Fishing at Beaver’s Bend

Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma is a fantastic destination for trout fishing and outdoor activities. The park offers both rainbow and brown trout fishing opportunities, with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) stocking thousands of rainbow trout bi-monthly, and small brown trout being released annually, some of which can grow to trophy sizes. The presence of twenty-inch browns and rainbows indicates a healthy fishery.

The park boasts three miles of trout stream out of the total ten-mile stretch, and fishing conditions are not affected by power-generating flows, allowing for consistent fishing opportunities throughout the year. The park’s diverse fishing areas cater to both beginners and experienced anglers, providing a range of fishing challenges. Fly fishing is particularly popular in this area due to the trout stream’s characteristics.

The trout stream is divided into three sections with different regulations, enhancing fishing opportunities and catering to various angler preferences. Visitors can obtain necessary licenses, trout stamps, and information about regulations conveniently within or near the park. The Three Rivers Fly Shop, located within the park, offers a range of fly-fishing gear, bait, instruction, guide services, and advice on stream conditions. Additionally, the shop is involved in organizing Kids Fishing Days during March, coinciding with many kids’ spring breaks, which seems to be a successful and family-friendly event.

Apart from the excellent fishing opportunities, Beavers Bend State Park offers breathtaking natural scenery, clear water, and abundant wildlife. This makes it an ideal destination for a family vacation, combining outdoor recreation with the chance to appreciate nature’s beauty.

Fishing Guides

  Bass and Crappie


Glover River – Canoeing and Fishing


Glover River, spanning approximately 32.6 miles, offers a stunning and challenging river experience for those seeking both scenic beauty and whitewater excitement. Flowing through the southwestern corner of the Kiamichi Mountains, Glover River features a combination of picturesque landscapes and thrilling rapids, including sections with rapids that require expert-level skills to navigate.

The river’s source is in the Kiamichi Mountains, nestled between the Kiamichi River to the west and the Mountain Fork River to the east. As it meanders downstream, it generally runs parallel to US Highway 259 until it reaches its confluence with the Little River. The stretch of river north of Cedar Mountain provides particularly breathtaking vistas that resemble those found in Arkansas or Missouri, showcasing the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

While Glover River offers stunning scenery, it also presents challenging conditions for rafting and kayaking enthusiasts. The river features rapids and falls that demand advanced skills to navigate safely. Even though the river’s difficulty can vary depending on water levels, it’s important to note that it can be just as hazardous during low-water conditions as it is during or near flood stages. The most optimal whitewater experiences tend to occur when the river has peaked at flood stage and has started to recede. This narrow window of opportunity is where the best whitewater trips are often found, as the river drops swiftly after reaching its peak.

For those seeking an exhilarating whitewater adventure amid captivating landscapes, Glover River delivers a unique and rewarding experience. However, it’s crucial to be well-prepared, experienced, and safety-conscious when venturing into the challenging waters of Glover River, especially during the peak whitewater periods.

Southwest Paddler – Glover River


Glover River has protected areas for Wade fishing. Using low-visibility lines, light tackle, small bait, and careful casting you can pull an abundance of perch, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and other species. Fishing is best on the upper section of the river, above the rapids and faster-moving waters.

Beavers Bend Events-Things to Do

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