Hiking in Beavers Bend Resort Park

There are several hiking trails in Beaver’s Bend Resort Park.


Hiking Trails

South Park – Beaver Creek: 1 mile; fairly easy to walk.

Beaver Creek – Junction with South Park: 1 mile; easy to walk.

Beaver Creek Crossing – Highway 259A (Deer Crossing): 1.5 miles; challenging, several steep climbs.

Deer Cross – Cedar Bluff: About 2 miles; some climbs, but not extremely steep.

Cedar Bluff – Beaver Lodge Trail: About 6 miles, challenging with lots of steep grades.

Skyline Trail: About 6 miles; it crosses steep terrain and is for experienced hikers only.

David Boren Hiking Trail: The southern 12 miles of the DBHT run from the low-water dam at the south end of Beavers Bend and then connect with the Beaver Lodge Nature Trail that runs from the hydroelectric dam to the spillway. The trail was built from south to north. Keep in mind that this trail does not loop around to the starting point. Camping is allowed and encouraged along the trail.